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Jai Prakash Narayan

Jai Prakash Narayan

Director, Vijeta Classes

About Vijeta Classes

Vijeta Classes was established as Vijeta Defence Academy at Dev Colony, Rohtak in Haryana in 2007. It was commenced with a dream of nurturing the best defence cadets for our inevitable Armed Forces. And it led to becoming one of the most Prestigious and Top defence academies. The cadre of the defence cadets trained here is surely unmatchable in terms of their ability, agility, and valour.

Our Motive

We believe in practice and karma, that would lead you to par excellence and increase your efficiency. These ideas need to be followed while preparing to be a future defence cadet. We at Vijeta Classes inculcate such values in our students to enrich them with human greatness, leadership qualities, and consciousness.

As Mandela once quoted ” The degree is just a piece of paper, the real education lies in behaviour.”.

Our Performance

VIJETA CLASSES  was established in 2007 as  VIJETA DEFENCE ACADEMY AT Dev Colony, Rohtak as a top-ranking institute in Haryana, solely with the aim of helping serious students to achieve success in Defence and other competitive exams, by providing the highest quality coaching. The method, content and teaching standards established by Vijeta Classes have become synonymous with success in the minds of candidates.

Total job selections are more than 75% and the top ranks / positions have been achieved by our students in various types of  Defence services and Delhi police, Chandigarh police, Haryana police, Para military, Railway,  Bank, SSC as well. 

Pilot Officer, Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, Air Commodore, Air Vice-Marshal, Air Marshal, Air Chief Marshal… One day you`ll have those wonderful letters before your name.

Why Choose Vijeta Classes ?

We maximise a Student’s potential. Along with the syllabus, knowledge and relevant skills, we provide you with the most important factors to achieve your dreams. That is the Temperament and Values. We not only prepare you for the defence exams but for the limitless life, you would live as defence personnel. We have been performing and giving results for more than a decade now and have a clear thought regarding our next moves.

Our courses concentrate on creating wizards not only in defence exams but also in various government exams. The courses would cover some of the most prestigious exams like Navy SSR and Navy AA, CRPF, Airforce X and Y Group, Delhi Police Constable, SSC, etc. The students of our institute have outperformed in many exams and in addition to Defence Services, they have attained jobs in Paramilitary, Bank, SSC, Delhi Police, Haryana Police, Chandigarh Police and Railways as well.

Join Us, if you want to feel proud by having Pilot Officer, Air marshal, Air chief, Group Captain, Lieutenant, Inspector, before your name.


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